Third Party Quality Inspection

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Inspection Services Pakistan

Your Way to Quality Assurance!

The world of business has become very dynamic, speedy, more profit-oriented and quality conscious. Poor quality leads a healthy and successful business to ultimate death. International trading gives more stress on quality compliance than the previous years. Before shipment is sent for cargo, a detailed pre-shipment inspection is needed in almost all cases. In many cases, it is not possible for the buyer to inspect the shipment on the manufacturing site. In such situations the services of third party or an independent inspection services companies are hired, these service providers ensure quality compliance and application of required standards on the departing shipment of their customer.

Qualified and seasoned quality inspectors check and verify the application of quality standards and match these with the customer’s checklist. The process duration of inspection is measured in ‘man days’ and inspection services charges can be charged as lump-sum or based on man days applied on the inspection.

Third party textile inspections, third-party apparel inspections, third-party garments inspections, third-party product inspections and third-party pre-shipment inspections are the most common forms of professional services inspection service companies offer to their clients. BizShip International offers premium quality third party inspection services in Pakistan, China, India, Malaysia, Singapore, UAE, Japan and other Asian countries. Quality inspection services are certified by the inspection company and all compliance factors, major findings and variables of inspection are written well in-depth & detail.

A detailed in-depth inspection plan is developed in coordination with the client, a timeline for inspection completion is created before starting the inspection practically. A good third party inspection company always cares about the business benefits of its clients and keeps no stone unturned in protecting the rights of its valued client. Quality inspection company keeps its client updated on the conduct, status and procedural conduct of the inspection. The timely update also helps the client in managing shipping and delivery schedules, and further distribution of the product at their end. Order Inspection Services Here.