Kitchen Textiles

Kitchen Textile Branded Promotional

Premium Kitchen Textiles

BizShip provides premium kitchen wear of all types including kitchen towels, tea towels, table runners, cotton aprons, oven mitts, pot holders, placers, jacquard towels, hand towels, dish towels, tablecloth, tea cosies, gloves, chef wear, rugs, and mats along with fully customized and promotional kitchen textiles in all fabric types, sizes, colours and prints. All types of Kitchen Textile, Traditional, Modern, Customized, Promotional and Designers’ Kitchen Wear in all fabric types, colours, sizes and customization options. High quality sophisticated kitchen wear for hotels, restaurants and hospitality industry.

Cotton Kitchen Towels

Kitchen Towels

BizShip provides you high quality cotton kitchen towels in all sizes, colours, fabric types and printing options. Our kitchen towels supplement the aesthetics of kitchen and improve the quality of work. Customized, promotional, blended and designer’s kitchen towels are our specialty. We supply: 

 Cotton Kitchen Towels   Micro Fiber Kitchen Towels   Tea Towels   Dish Towels  Table Runners   Hand Towels   Jacquard Kitchen Towels   Terry Towels  Cotton Kitchen Napkins   Embroidered Kitchen Towels   Printed Kitchen Towels  Promotional Kitchen Towels

Kitchen Aprons

BizShip has a large variety of cotton kitchen aprons for all kitchen, counter, sales, and work needs in different industries. We also offer you fully customized, personalized, designer’s, and promotional cotton aprons in a variety of fabrics, colours, design options and printing variations. We have a complete range of cotton kitchen aprons to meet your requirements. BizShip aprons include:

 Kitchen Aprons   Server’s Aprons   Cobbler Aprons  Bib Aprons
 Bistro Aprons   Dishwasher Aprons  Tuxedo Aprons  Disposable Aprons
 Customized Aprons   Promotional Aprons  Medicated Aprons   Hospital Aprons

Kitchen Aprons Cotton Fabric
Kitchen Textile Branded Promotional

Promotional Kitchen Textile

Promotional Kitchen Textile items are very effective in promoting your product, brand, company and business at different events, shows, media programs, publicity campaigns, promotional efforts, brand activation and product launch. Promotional kitchen textiles can be used for any product, services or industry with a little customization of design, print and message. You can get these promotional kitchen textile products from BizShip:

 Promotional Kitchen Aprons   Promotional Work Aprons
 Promotional Event Wears, Caps, Shirts, Neck Ties  Promotional Flags, Banners & Bunties
 Promotional Cotton Napkins   Promotional Tablelcloth  ⊕ Promotional Cotton Tote Bags

Pot Holders & Oven Mitts

A complete range of cotton fabric pot holders and oven mitts are offered by BizShip in a variety of sizes, designs, shapes, colours and customized. Specialized pot holders and oven mitts are also available that are made with fire retartadent or fire resistant  fabrics and are treated for the extra protection.  

⊕ Kitchen Pot Holders   Oven Mitts  Multifunctional Oven Mitts  Multifunctional Cotton Pot Holder
 Cotton Kitchen Gloves ⊕ Coloured Pot Holders   Printed Oven Mitt  ⊕ Printed Kitchen Gloves

Oven Mitts Cotton Fabric

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