Audit Services

Factory Compliance Audit

Suppliers’ Audit, Factory Audit, and Factory Compliance Audit are different approaches and measures to ensure quality procurement and standard implementation before, during and after the manufacturing is complete.

Building Safety Audit

Audit of suppliers and vendors’ building confirming safe, secure, and human friendly structure, preventive measures, safety measures, strength of building, condition of plant, machinery and equipment along with different required parameters.

Fire Safety Audit

Fire Safety Audit ensures and confirms the existence of fire preventing measures and system on the site, availability of fire fighting equipment and tools, proper fire exist signs & passages prevailing knowledge about fire prevention among staff.

Social Compliance Audit

Measuring social compliance factors and existence of social equality and justice at work place is bench mark of good suppliers, manufacturers and suppliers. Corporate social responsibility & its implementation through polices & procedures is checked.

Supplier Audit Programs & Compliance Audit

BizShip performs a wide range of supplier audits, vendor capability audits, standard compliance and quality assurance audits for its clients. Third party quality compliance audits may be conducted before engaging the supplier into business, before starting the actual production, during production process and after the whole product is finished. BizShip’s Third Party Supplier Audits are available in Asian region and we cover several countries through our professional network of experts and partner companies in Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Iran, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Greece, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Cambodia, Thailand, and UAE region. Supplier Audit Services BizShip offers highly professional Product, Quality, and Process Inspection Services for Textile Fabrics, Made-ups, Apparels, Yarn, Work wear, Uniforms, Bags, Socks, Denim, Knitted and Woven Products. BizShip offers inspection services all over Asia including Pakistan, China, Vietnam, Taiwan, India, Iran, Greece, Korea, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, Turkey, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Oman & Bahrain & UAE region.

Manufacturing Audit Services Asia Pakistan

Manufacturing Audits

Manufacturing Audits ensure the process quality of manufacturing & assembling of products or parts. Multiple manufacturing audits may be needed for the complex products of high quality. Manufacturing audits are conducted for textiles, garments, towels and allied industries along with industrial, consumer, pharmaceutical, food and consumer products.

Ehtical Business Audit Program

Ethical Audits

Application of business morals and professional ethics is an obligatory factor in international business. No company can attain or sustain top ranking without following proven ethical parameters and moral standards. Different pressure groups, around the globe, are actively working on the implementation of standards at the workplace in all departments.

Food Safety Audit Pakistan

Food Audits

Consumer health safety is the most important factor in the modern food business. Companies, not focusing on food safety and food hygiene cannot survive in the modern business scenario. Consumers are also more knowledgeable and are aware of their well-being and this concern is obvious on all front when we study consumer buying behavior globally.

Environmental Audit of Factories Asia Faisalabad

Environmental Audits

Environmental protection and environmental safety are increasing concerns of the global community in all industrial areas. ISO 14001 defines environmental safety and work guidelines that are followed by BizShip environmental auditors during environmental safety and protection audits of your supplier factories. ISO 14001 provides a lot of practical tools to implement described standards for environmental protection within the organization.

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