Inspection Services

Factory Audit

BizShip Factory Audits are performed by the teams of well qualified, experienced and dedicated quality auditors. BizShip Factory Audits cover the Audit of Textile Factory, Audit of Garments Factory, Audit of Apparel Units, Audit of Warehouse, Audit of Electronic Factory, Audits of Manufacturing Factories of all types of products including household items, industrial products or technical equipment and plants.

Product Inspection

BizShip Product Testing and Product Quality Inspection are premium quality services for our global clients. BizShip ensures standardized and uniform production as per clients’ specifications. Product inspection services include fabric inspection, yarn inspection, inspection of kitchen textile, inspection of textile made-ups, inspection of knitted & woven garments, technical, engineering, food, and other products.

Process Inspection

Process inspection includes testing and inspection of products during manufacturing, fabricating, weaving, dying and stitching process. Process inspection has its own variables and several modules to fit your quality requirements and standard operational flow during the whole process. Process inspection of product and factories can be conducted at any time before, during and after the production as needed by our clients.

Pre-Shipment Inspection

Pre-Shipment Inspection or Shipment Inspection is an important and very vital part of the overall inspection process. Shipment inspection service ensures integrated benefits to the client, buyer, and importer by confirming quality compliance, packaging compatibility, count of the products and overall fitness of both products and shipment. Pre-Shipment inspection saves clients, buyers, and importers from unexpected losses.

Quality Testing & Inspection Services

BizShip is a leading Quality Testing and Quality Inspection Service in the Asian region. BizShip’s Third Party Quality Inspection Services are available in all Asian countries including China, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Iran, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Greece, and UAE region. Our specialized Third Party Inspection areas are Textile Fabrics, Textile Made-ups, Kitchen Textiles, Home Textiles, Cotton Bags, Towels & Bathrobes, Work wear, Uniform, Working Gloves, woven garments, denim fabric and denim wear, knitted fabric, and knitted garments. Quality Inspection Services BizShip offers highly professional Product, Quality, and Process Inspection Services for Textile Fabrics, Made-ups, Apparels, Yarn, Work wear, Uniforms, Bags, Socks, Denim, Knitted and Woven Products. BizShip offers inspection services all over Asia including Pakistan, China, Vietnam, Taiwan, India, Iran, Greece, Korea, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, Turkey, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Oman & Bahrain & UAE region.

Textile Fabric Inspection Services

Inspection of Fabrics

Textiles and Fabrics all types including woven and knitted fabrics.  We perform all types of fabric inspections as per your given checklists and standards. A wide range of quality inspection and testing services cover but not limited to the following textiles and fabrics:
 Textile Fabrics & Canvas   Home Textiles  Kitchen Textiles   Cotton Bags   Textile Made-ups   Work wear & Uniforms  ⊕ Apparels & Garments  Cotton Fabric Plain Weave   Cotton Canvas Rolls  Percale, Poplin, Muslin, Voil, Lawn, Jersey, Drill & Twill

Home Textile Quality Inspection Services Pakistan

Inspection of Home Textiles

Home Textiles Quality Inspection, Quality Testing Services, Quality Assurance and Quality Compliance support of BizShip covers a all types of textile items and textile made-ups. Product testing & quality assurance inspections are our also performed. Some of these are:
 Textile Made-ups      Cotton Curtains & Drapes    Bed Sheets  Pillows & Covers  Cushions & Covers    Furnishing Fabrics & Upholstery  Duvets & Duvet Covers  Cotton Protecting Sheets  Bed Covers     Fitted Bedsheets  Bed Linen    Table Clothes 

Inspection of Promotional Textile

BizShip quality inspection and product testing services ensure compliance and standards required by our clients during the inspection of promotional textile items. Promotional Textile Inspection includes but not limited to the following products: includes:
 Promotional Event Wear   Promotional Work Aprons  Promotional Event Wear   Promotional Cushions ⊕ Promotional Pillows  Promotional Napkins   Promotional Caps & Sun Shades  ⊕ Promotional Cotton Tote Bags

Apparel Inspection - Garments Inspection Pakistan

Inspection of Garments & Apparels

Quality Inspection of Garments & Apparels cover a variety of quality standards, processing protocol’s, laboratory tests and compliance factors. BizShip third party inspection services ensure quality implementation at every step of garments manufacturing and apparel stitching. Our inspections include:
 Knitted Garments & Apparels  Woven Garments & Apparels   Gents Garments  Ladies Garments  Kids’ Wear   Children’s Garments  Fashion Garments   Fashion Wear  Casual Wear   Denim Wear  Polo Shirts  Tee Shirts

Product Quality Inspection Pakistan

Product Inspection (others)

Product Inspection services cover a wide range of product categories from textiles to consumer products and from technical to electronic products. BizShip product inspection services are available for quality assurance and conformance for the following categories.
Textiles & Textile Made-Ups  Home Textiles Kitchen Textiles Apparels & Garments Food & Confectionery Furniture & Home Products Electrical Products ⊕IT & Electronics  ⊕Safety & Security Products ⊕Hotel Products  ⊕Fashion Products  ⊕Sports Products

Denim Quality Inspection Services Pakistan Asia

Inspection of Denim Products

Denim Fabric Inspection, Denim Wear Quality Inspection, Denim Apparels Quality Inspection and related testing and control services are offered by BizShip for our international clients, buyers and partners. Our qualified & experienced textile quality inspectors are expert in all types of product testing.  Inspection of Denim products and quality testing includes but not limited to the following items:
 Denim Jeans  Denim Shorts  Denim Skirts  Denim Tops  Denim Fabric Rolls   Promotional Denim Wear ⊕ Other Denim Products

Quality Inspection Textiles & Garments Pakistan

Process Inspection

Quality Assurance cannot be guaranteed unless you apply inspection and quality checks at every stope of production, right from product design, raw material procurement, production, fabricating, stiching, packing and shipment. BizShip process inspections help you to implement all standard at the right time and ensure quality of your finished product by reducing costs and enhancing monetary value of your products. Some of our process inspections, but not limited to the list, are:
 Procurement Process Inspection   Designing & Planning Process Inspection  Manufacturing Process Inspections (all products)  Stiching Processs Inspection  Knitting Process Inspection  Packing Process Inspection  ⊕ Logistic Process Inspection ⊕ Engineering Process Inspection ⊕ Fabricating Process Inspection ⊕ Backing Process Inspction ⊕Construction Process Inspection

Towel Quality Inspection Audit Pakistan

Inspection of Towels

Quality Inspection of Terry Towels, Jacquard Towels and Towel Products ensures delivery of right quality, timely delivery and compliance of all standards in terms of fabric & yarn quality, weaving, dying, processing, stitching, embroidery, labeling and packaging. Towel Inspections cover all range and types of towels including:

 Terry Towel Fabric  Jacquard Towels Fabric Rolls  Bath Towels  Hotel Towels  Kids’ Towel Hoods  Beach Towels  Bath Gowns  Bamboo Towels  Promotional Towels   Hand Towels  Towel Sheets  ⊕ Embroidered Towels  Printed Towels 

Textile Quality Testing Services Pakistan & Asia

Laboratory & Technical Testing

Laboratory Testing of finished product, process, chemicals, raw material and micro ingredients of the products essentially become very important when it comes to quality assurance and strict control. Global business leaders take advantage of these testing services as a support to their business. BizShip, through its network of quality partner labs provides best testing services for textiles, apparels, fabrics, garments, consumer and food products. Some of the testing services are:
⊕ ASTM F963-16 -for Toy  Phthalates Testing  ⊕Food Testing  ⊕Product Quality Assurance Tests RoHS SASO ⊕CPSIA ⊕REACH

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