All types of cotton, polyester, PC, twill, denim fabrics are provided by BizShip. Customized solutions, different order sizes and fast order to delivery routes are followed along with quality measurements, audits and quality assurance at every step of order process.


Home furnishing, upholstery, bedding, curtains, cushions, pillows are window drapps; we deal in a variety of home furnishing items and offer customized quality solutions as per your given specifications, sizes, colours and given order delivery time.


High quality, superior designing & fine stitching are benchmarks of our factory wear, work wear, school uniforms, medical uniforms, hospital wear, scrubs and customized uniforms for your individual business and organizational needs. We ensure quality at every step.

Fashion Wear

Highly customer and user oriented kitchen textile items including kitchen gloves, kitchen aprons, table covers, serviette, custom designed kitchen textiles and promotional kitchen textiles are our superior quality products. You can order your own custom designs & own style.

Superior Quality Garments

BizShip is provides you supreme knitted and woven garments in all categories including work wear, casual wear, fashion weal and promotional wear including all sized, colours, styles and fashions. Quality Knitted Garments and Woven Garments by BizShip make your garments’ business a great success by exceeding your customers’ expectations in terms of fabric quality, colours, design and feel. We make your customers SMILE 🙂


Woven Garments

BizShip supplies a great range of woven garments to well known and established global players. We ensure quality, design, specification and timely delivery of all your orders and assist you in achieving your global business objectives effectively. We provide you complete range of woven garments including:

 Shirts & Blouse     Trousers & Skirts   Outwear   Tunics
 Hospital Scrubs    Pant Shirts    Casual Wear     Formal Wear
 Party Wear          Fashion Wear   Office Wear    Branded Wear

Knitted Garments

Complete variety of high quality knitwear covering all ranges, styles and sizes. Our partner factories are internationally certified and recognized for their quality and ethical working. BizShip certifies after various procedural audits before boarding your shipments. We are your office in Pakistan and you can count on us. Our supplied products also include the following:

 Tees / T-Shirts      Hoodies     Track or Jogging Suites  Sweat Shirts
 Trousers    Skirts & Tops  Polo Shirt  Underwear
 Beach Wear     Sports Wear  Custom Wear     Promotional Wear

High Quality Industrial Wear and Work-Wear

Work-Wear & Uniforms

Standardized, superior quality and well tested work-wear, office wear, factory wear, uniforms to suite your individual employee needs and work environment. Safety, protection, aesthetics, quality parameters and timely delivery we always focus for each and individual piece of work. Fire retardant and other protected garments are supplied to our international buyers: Our supplied products include:

 Restaurant Uniforms   Safety Apparels   Medical Apparels   Dungarees
 Factory Wear / Uniforms   Work Jackets  ⊕ Branded Work-wear
 Hospital Scrubs   Nursing Gowns    School Uniforms   Chef Wear

Fashion Wear

Fashion wear is always a dynamically challenging subject for both buyers and suppliers. BizShip makes this process convenient for its customers by providing industry’s best designs with high quality production. Fashion sense and quality; both are kept alive in our delivered garments. We work on a variety of fashion wear for our European, Asian, African and American buyers and provide:

⊕ Trendy   Casual  Exotic  Vibrant  Preppy  Elegant  Bohemian
 Italian   Cowgirl  Sporty    Business     Masculine    Flamboyant
 Western  Traditional  Punk     Goth

Fashion Wear

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