Hospital Textiles

Hospital and Medical Textile

BizShip provides premium quality hospital textiles to international hospitals and health care industry. We have complete range of medical textile including bed linen, flat sheets, theater sheets, trolley linen, pillow covers, hospital blankets, patient gowns, nurses gowns, doctors gown, hospital scrubs, doctors uniform, nurses uniforms, doctors' coats, nurses coats, hospital wear all types.

Bed Linens

Bed Linen for Hospital and Medical Care Unites, Dispensaries, and Burn Centers.  Quality products with customized sizes, specially treated fabric, logo printing and branding include:

 Flat Sheets   Fitted Sheets ⊕ Percale Flat Sheets   Fitted Percale Sheets   Fitted Stretcher Sheets  Surgical Sheets  Surgical Towels   Dyed Flat Sheets  Flat Sheets with Logo  Branded Flat Sheets   Logo Printed Sheets  Vat Dyed Sheets All Sizes   Trolley Sheets  Blue & Green Hospital Sheets 

Patient Gowns

Customized Design, Plain, Patterned, Printed, Logo enabled Patient Gowns in all sizes, colors, styles to match the individual needs.  We offer:

 Patient Gowns Plain   Patient Gowns Printed ⊕ Patient Gowns with Logo    Floral Patient Gowns    Round Neck Patient Gowns  V Neck Patient Gowns  Patient Pajamas   Patient Pants  Patient Trousers   Patient Gowns Cotton   Patient Gowns Flannel   Patient Head Covers  Patient Scarves  Patient  Lose Sheets

Hospital Wear / Uniforms

Quality Hospital Wear customized and exclusively designed for organizational needs with branding and customization options. Hospital Wear we offer includes the complete range including:

 Hospital Scrubs   Nurses Gowns  Doctors Gowns  Lab Coats 
 Theater Gowns   Doctors Coats  ⊕ Nurses Coats  ⊕ Printed Scrubs  Dyed Scrubs

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