Terms & Conditions

BizShip online shopping is user friendly, trustworthy, easy, service driven. Our terms are defined to protect our customers and stakeholders well. 


Please read terms and conditions carefully before placing order

BizShip online shopping services are subject to the following terms and conditions.

Delivery Time:  

Ranging from 5 to 30 days Varies from product to product and quantity of order that is mentioned in each product’s description separately. 

Return of Goods & Exchange:

Goods can be returned and exchanged in case of wrong product, wrong design or wrong description. If it is due to the act of BizShip dispatch team, it will be shipped back free of cost to the customer. If it was a wrong placement of order by the customer, the delivery charges will be paid by the customer. 

Refund Policy:

Customer is entitled to a partial or full refund if a slightly different product or an entirely different product is shipped. The same policy shall apply to the situation where a product is slightly damaged or fully damaged during delivery process though the packaging of product did not have any traces of damage and customer opened it considering a fresh product.


  • BizShip International is a bona fide business having no questionable/illegal products/services. This includes VISA/MC brand guidelines of no replica products being sold. We only sell legal, authorized and ethical products and are governed by local and international business laws.
  • Customer Data needs to be stored on checkout page/ merchants database
  • For complaints and feedback you can reach us 24/7 at our helpline +92 300 9654787