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Cotton Laundry Bags

BizShip Cotton Laundry Bags come in different sizes, strings, straps, colours, fabrics and styles. We provide you the laundry bags in plain cotton, heavy canvas and light fabric of your choice. You may have excellent laundry bags in any color and customized form. Laundry Bags of all types including Cotton Laundry Bags, Canvas Laundry Bags, Light Weight Laundry Bags, Heavy Weight Laundry Bags, Promotional Laundry Bags in Grey or Natural, White and all Colors & Printing

Cotton Laundry Bags

Cotton Laundry Bags Basic

Basic Cotton Laundry Bags are produced in plain grey fabric of light weight. These bags have top opening and contain cotton string to close the bag and tie it. These light weight every day use laundry bags are available in grey or natural colour, white, and basic colours. These laundry bags also have the option of printing a message, logo or design on these. You can place order of:

 Basic Laundry Bags Cotton   Cotton Laundry Bags Natural   Cotton Laundry Bags Light
 Coloured Laundry Bags  Light Weight Printed Laundry Bags   Small Cotton Laundry Bags
 Breathable Laundry Bags   Handy Laundry Bags  Promotional Laundry Bags
 Cotton Laundry Bags with Logo  Promotional Laundry Bags   Wholesale Cotton Laundry Bags

Heavy Duty Cotton Laundry Bags

Heavy Canvas Laundry Bags are made to bear maximum weight and volume of laundry in a secure way. These bags are made of high-density breathable cotton canvas in plain, drill or twill weaves. These bags may have a strong strap to carry the bag along with regular drawstring on the top of the bag. These bags are produced in grey or natural, white, red, black, yellow and blue colors in general but other colours options are also available. You can choose from a variety of heavy duty cotton laundry bags given here:

 Heavy Canvas Laundry Bags in Natural, White and Basic Four Colours
 Strong Fabric Cotton Laundry Bag with Printed Message or Logo
 Large Laundry Bag in Cotton Fabric with Different Color Options
 Strong Laundry Back with Shoulder Strap and Zipper Option

Heavy Canvas Laundry Bags
Cotton Laundry Bags Promotional

Promotional Laundry Bags

Promotional Laundry Bags are a good source of business promotion for hotels, hospitals, motels, and hostels. Other laundry, washing, fabric, and hospitality related industries can also promote their business with promotional laundry bags. Promotional laundry bags are available in different sizes, colours, capacity, printing and strap options. You can order the promotional laundry bags of your choice from:

⊕ Promotional Cotton Laundry Bags   Printed Laundry Bags in Cotton
 Light Promotional Laundry Bags   Heavy Promotional Laundry Bags
 Laundry Bags in Different Colours   Cotton Laundry Bags Wholesale
 Extra Large Laundry Bags       ⊕ Promotional Laundry Bags with Drawstring

Customized Laundry Bags

Lightweight and Heavy Weight cotton laundry bags are fully customized to fit your business needs. You can order the laundry bag at wholesale price with your own size, color, string type, additional zipper, strong handles and long straps. You can also get your message printed on different colors of the bags. Order your customized laundry bags and we shall deliver the best quality in given time.

 Customized Laundrgy Bags Light Weight, Heavy Weigth
 Printed and Specially Designed Laundry Bags in White and Colours
 Customized Laundry Bags with Different Handles and Additional Pockets

Cotton Laundry Bags Customized

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