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Your Partner in Success

BizShip International is sourcing and buying agency engaged in provision & procurement of Textiles, & Garments. We work with leading brands and procure from certified and modern factories. We are your committed and trustworthy business partners.

Garments & Uniforms

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Garments & Uniforms

Superior quality garments both woven and knitted, from formal to casual and work-wear to fashion are sourced with great care in quality control, design preparation, production and timely delivery are our bench marks.

Towels & Terry Products

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Towels & Terry Products

Fine quality towels and terry products from best towel manufacturers. Terry Towels, Jacquard Towels, Bathrobes, Promotional Towels of your choice. Quality assurance and timely delivery.

Cotton Shopping Bags

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Cotton Shopping Bags

Cotton shopping Bags, cotton tote bags, ladies tote bags, promotional cotton bags with customized message and images in different colours, sizes and qualities to match your business needs.

Work Wear

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Industrial Wear, Safety Work wear
High quality industrial wear, work wear, factory wear, uniforms, hospital wear, working gloves to meet modern business and industrial needs effectively. Protecting people and promoting business.

Work Gloves

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Complete variety of Work Gloves, Industrial Gloves, Safety Gloves, Heat Resistant Gloves, Hot Mill Gloves, Terry Gloves, Canvas and Blanket Mitts, Welding Gloves, Laboratory Gloves, Household Gloves, Knitted Gloves, Leather Gloves and so many other types of Gloves to meet your business, professional and industrial needs.

Kitchen Textiles

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All types of Kitchen Textile, Traditional, Modern, Customized, Promotional and Designers’ Kitchen Wear in all fabric types, colours, sizes and customization options. High quality sophisticated kitchen wear for hotels, restaurants and hospitality industry.


Export | Sourcing | Inspection

BizShip textile sourcing Pakistan aims at aim at providing best products with dedicated customer support services for international clients.

Yarn & Thread

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Yarn & Thread

Quality thread and yarn produced by state of the art spinning factories with modern machinery to match your demand quality & sophistication. All types of yarn from cotton, to polyester and polyester cotton white and coloured all options are available.

Audit Services

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BizShip BizShip performs a wide range of supplier audits, vendor capability audits, standard compliance and quality assurance audits for its clients. Contact us for Supplier Audit Programs & Compliance Audits.

Quality Testing & Inspection

Export | Sourcing | Inspection

Quality Testing & Inspection

Quality Inspection Services BizShip offers highly professional Product, Quality, and Process Inspection Services for Textile Fabrics, Made-ups, Apparels, Yarn, Work wear, Uniforms, Bags, Socks, Denim, Knitted and Woven Products.

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Welcome to BizShip International – Your Premier Textile Buying House Pakistan

At BizShip International, we are your trusted partner in the textile and garment industry,
dedicated to serving clients worldwide. With a focus on international markets,
particularly the USA and Europe, we specialize in sourcing, quality control,
production management, and logistics services. Our commitment to excellence
ensures exceptional quality and timely delivery, making us the preferred choice
for businesses seeking reliable textile solutions.

Our Services:

Sourcing Excellence and Production Management:

Rely on BizShip’s extensive network of reputable suppliers and manufacturers to procure the finest quality fabrics and garments. Our experienced team meticulously oversees every step of the production process, from material selection to finishing touches, ensuring unparalleled results for our clients.

Stringent Quality Control Measures:

Quality is our top priority at BizShip International. Our rigorous quality control procedures guarantee that all products meet international standards and adhere to our clients’ specific requirements. With regular inspections conducted by our dedicated team of quality control inspectors, we minimize the risk of defects or errors, ensuring the utmost satisfaction for our clients.

Comprehensive Logistics Solutions:

Experience seamless logistics support with BizShip International. Our comprehensive services encompass shipping, customs clearance, and meticulous documentation. Collaborating with trusted logistics partners, we ensure the swift and secure delivery of your orders, providing peace of mind throughout the process.

Explore Our Product Range:

Discover a diverse array of textile and garment products at BizShip International, including premium cotton, versatile denim, cozy knitwear, sophisticated woven fabrics, and much more. Whether you seek custom-made designs or ready-to-ship products, our extensive inventory caters to all your needs with unparalleled quality and variety.

Why Choose BizShip International?

  • Uncompromising Quality: We prioritize quality above all else, ensuring that our clients receive only the finest products.
  • Competitive Pricing: Benefit from competitive prices without compromising on quality, offering exceptional value for your investment.
  • Timely Delivery: Our dedicated team works tirelessly to ensure prompt order fulfillment, guaranteeing on-time delivery, every time.
  • End-to-End Solutions: From sourcing to logistics, BizShip International provides comprehensive, end-to-end solutions tailored to your specific requirements.

Contact Us Today: Ready to elevate your textile and garment sourcing experience? Get in touch with BizShip International today to discuss your requirements, request a quote, or seek expert guidance from our knowledgeable team. We’re here to assist you every step of the way and look forward to helping you achieve your business goals.


All types of cotton, polyester, PC, twill, denim fabrics are provided by BizShip. Customized solutions, different order sizes and fast order to delivery routes are followed along with quality measurements, audits and quality assurance at every step of order process.


Home furnishing, upholstery, bedding, curtains, cushions, pillows are window drapps; we deal in a variety of home furnishing items and offer customized quality solutions as per your given specifications, sizes, colours and given order delivery time.


High quality, superior designing & fine stitching are benchmarks of our factory wear, work wear, school uniforms, medical uniforms, hospital wear, scrubs and customized uniforms for your individual business and organizational needs.

Fashion Wear

Superior designing, delicate cutting and sophisticated stitching make our fashion wear state of the art experience for our customers. BizShip designs and delivers high quality ladies fashion wear, men’s fashion wear, kids’ fashion wear in knitted and woven garments.

Our Markets


Leading Quality Suppliers

of Textiles & Garments
Cotton Poly Cotton Flat Sheets in Dyed and Printed Fabrics

Home Textiles

Bed Sets, Bed Sheets, Quilts, Pillows, Duvets, Comforters

Kitchen Textiles

Kitchen Aprons, Kitchen Towels, Oven Mitts, Chef Uniform

Heavy Canvas Promotional Cotton Bags

Cotton Tote Bags

Cotton Bags, Tote Bags, Grocery Bags, Shopping Bags, Promotional Bags

Hot Mill Gloves Suppliers Pakistan

Work & Safety Wear

Hot Mill Gloves, Factory Wear, Safety Gloves, Cotton Gloves, Leather Gloves

Cotton Promotional Towels

Promotional Textiles

Promotional Towels, T-Shirts, Customized Promotional Textiles, Promotional Bags

Towels & Bathrobes

Terry Towels, Beach Towels, Hotel Towels, Promotional Towels, Bathrobes

Work Process

Contact & Communication with the Buyer

Meetings & Terms Finalization

Opening of Letter of Credit (L/C)

Development of the product

BizShip Inspections, Quality Audits & Control

Completion of Order & Final Inspection and Approval

Preparation of Shipping Documents & Working Papers

Provision & Enclosure of Documents (Bank, Customer and Shipping Agency)

Shipment of Products/Consignment


Providing You the World Class Textiles & Garments - Elevate Your Business Today!

Our Technical Partners


Contact BizShip

At BizShip, we cater to a diverse range of clients globally based on their business size, location, type of business and products, and categories of business. Our clients include global business leaders and highly successful brands, as well as small and medium-sized concerns in wholesale, retail, and supply chain sectors. We provide our services to clients in fashion houses, retail stores, supermarkets, and wholesale setups.

In addition to our textile and garment procurement services, we also specialize in providing promotional textiles to direct corporate customers and chains that need to market their brands and businesses through innovative techniques. Our extensive range of promotional textiles includes a variety of customized garments and textiles that are designed to help our clients effectively promote their brands and businesses.

At BizShip, we take pride in our ability to provide tailored solutions to meet the specific needs of our clients. Whether you are a large global brand or a small retail store, we are committed to providing you with high-quality products and services that meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Contact us today to discuss your textile and garment procurement needs, and let us help you take your business to the next level.

At BizShip, we understand the importance of timely delivery of orders to our clients. The delivery time of an order is based on several factors, including the size of the order, type of product, and lead time available to BizShip from its clients. We always strive to meet the delivery timelines decided based on individual orders, and do our best to ensure that our clients receive their orders on time.

To ensure timely delivery of orders, we work on a Just in Time (JIT) mode, which helps us minimize the time required for order processing and delivery. We believe that this approach helps us save our customers’ time and resources, and enables us to provide them with high-quality products and services.

At BizShip, we take pride in our ability to deliver on our promises and exceed our clients’ expectations. We work closely with our clients to ensure that their orders are delivered on time and according to their specifications. Contact us today to discuss your textile and garment procurement needs, and let us help you take your business to the next level.

At BizShip, we specialize in sourcing, trading, and business management services. We do not own any factories or manufacturing units, but we work with a network of trusted partner factories and supply-chain partners to produce and supply products to our global clients. Our partner factories undergo a rigorous selection process to ensure that they meet our high standards for quality and production environment. We only work with factories that have the latest equipment, modern production processes, and stringent quality control measures in place to meet all necessary quality parameters.


Third Party Quality Testing, Assurance and  Pre Shipment

Audit & Inspection

At BizShip, we offer third-party quality inspection services across various Asian countries, including China, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Iran, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Greece, and the UAE region. Our specialized third-party inspection areas cover a wide range of products, including textile fabrics, made-ups, kitchen and home textiles, cotton bags, towels, bathrobes, workwear, uniforms, working gloves, woven garments, denim fabric, and denim wear, as well as knitted fabric and garments.

Our highly trained quality inspectors follow a stringent quality control process to ensure that your products meet the highest standards. We use advanced technology and equipment to conduct inspections, and our detailed reports provide you with a comprehensive analysis of the product’s quality and compliance.

With BizShip’s third-party inspection services, you can be assured that your products meet all necessary quality standards, giving you the confidence to grow your business globally.

BizShip offers a comprehensive range of third-party supplier audits, vendor capability audits, standard compliance, and quality assurance audits to its clients. Our audits can be conducted before engaging a supplier into business, before starting the actual production, during the production process, and after the product is finished. Our Third Party Supplier Audits cover several countries in the Asian region through our network of professional experts and partner companies in Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, Iran, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Greece, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Cambodia, Thailand, and UAE.

Our audits cover all aspects of the supply chain, including the quality of the raw materials, manufacturing processes, environmental impact, social compliance, and working conditions. We ensure that our clients are connected with reliable and ethical suppliers who meet all necessary regulatory and legal requirements.

At BizShip, we believe that effective supplier audits are essential to maintain a high level of quality, transparency, and accountability in the supply chain. Our audits help our clients to mitigate risks, reduce costs, and improve overall supply chain efficiency.