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Cotton Tote Bags

BizShip offers a huge range of quality cotton tote bags in different sizes, colors, print options, styles, and designs. Our unlimited cotton bag options include personalized tote bags, customized tote bags, promotional tote bags, conference tote bags, document tote bags, grocery tote bags, and hand painted tote bags. We are capable of producing any design, style or customization in tote bags. A complete variety of Cotton Bags in Grey, White, Basic Colours, Customized Designs, Promotional Messages and Designer’s Art Style Cotton Bags with and without Printing in all Sizes.

Printed Promotional Bags Pakistan

Promotional Tote Bags

Promotional Cotton tote bags are made of plain cotton fabric, canvas, twil, drill or fabric of your own choice. These cotton promotional bags are designed, dyed, printed, packed and shipped according to your business needs. Promotional bags are a good source to carry your company and brand name to every possible place and people. This is an impressive and cost-effective promotional method adopted by leading brands and companies around the world. BizShip is delivering quality promotional bags around the globe since 2000 and expertise of professionally skilled team help you in promoting your brand for maximum market share and improved profits.

 Promotional Canvas Tote Bags   Promotional Cotton Tote Bags
 Marketing Bags  Promotional Cotton Bags Coloured
 Product Promotion Cotton Bags  Promotional Bags Cotton
 Promotional Bags with Zipper  Small Promotional Bags Cotton Bags
 Brand Promotion Cotton Bags  Promotional Gift Bags Cotton
 Customized Promotional Bags   Personalized Promotional Cotton Bags

Custom Tote Bags

Custom Tote Cotton Bags are designed and manufactured as per customers’ specific business needs, target markets and business objectives. Our design and development experts also help you in designing and customization process. Many areas of customization are involved in customized cotton bag development process these include the size of the bag, type of fabric, strength, and weight of the fabric, the colour of the bag, type of printing needed that shall attract the target markets, size & type of handle. Opening, closing, stitching, and label positioning are few other factors involved in the process of bag design decisions. You can simply share your business objective and BizShip experts shall customize the design for your cotton bags in any size, color or specification. A variety of customized cotton bags include:

 Single Color Customized Cotton Bags with Short or Long Handles
 Multi-Colored or Blended Cotton Bags with Customized Handle Options
 Customized Cotton Bags with Zipper and Multiple Pockets
 Cotton Bags With Screen, Digital & Portrait Printing
 Fashion Oriented Cotton Bags in Different Design Options
 Company Specific Corporate Cotton Bags
 Brand Specific Customized Bags in Different Sizes

Cotton Bags for Promotion of Conferences

Conference Tote Bags

Conference bags or meeting bags are popular types of cotton bags used in public and professional conferences around the world. High profile conferences produce and share a lot of printed material along with conference kit that is given to the audience in specially designed cotton bags with conference message and insignia or logo printed on these.  Conference bags are produced in different sizes and are mostly customized according to the type and theme of the conference. Conference bags are used in Engineers Conferences, Medical Conferences, Industrial Conferences, Educators’ Conferences, Public Conferences, Media Conferences and different order Business or Service Conferences. Following are main types of conference or meeting bags:

⊕ Single Colour Conference Bags with Short or Long Handle, Printed
 Two Colours or Multi-Coloured Conference Cotton Bags
 Brifcase Style Conference Bags with Customized Design, Size and Printing
 Conference Tote Bag with with Mini Stiched-Inside Bag
⊕ Conference Tote Bag with Multiple External or Internal Pockets
 Heavy Canvas Conference Bags with Stand Alone Ability
 Multiple Sizes, Styles and Gussets of Bags to Accomodate Material
 Water Resistant & Fire Retardent Cotton Bags for Conferences


Personalized Tote Bags

Personalized Cotton Tote Bags are popular among all groups of bag users. Personalized cotton bags contain slogans, messages, names, art work, maps, sketches, embroidery, and different assortments attached to it to make it unique, original or different from the crowd. Personalized cotton tote bags have a long range of designs, colors, and styles. You can get your own personal bags designed by BizShip designers’ team that have an ability to turn your unique ideas into a reality by designing and producing good quality personalized cotton tote bags for you. Some of major types of personalized cotton bags are:

 Plain Weave Cotton Personalized Bag, Natural, White and Coloured
 Personalized Cotton Bags with Short and Long Handles
 Personalized Cotton Bags with Customized Design
 Roped Handle Personalized Cottong Tote Bags with Art Work
 Designers Cotton Bag fully Personalized and Customized
 Personalized Tote Bags with Digital Printing
 Personalized Cotton Bags With Photograph or Portrait
 Cotton Tote with Hand Embroidery
 Hand Painted Personalized Cotton Bags

Personalized Cotton Tote Bags Pakistan

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