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Cotton Poly Cotton Flat Sheets in Dyed and Printed Fabrics

Premium Quality Home Textiles​

BizShip supplies high quality home textiles to its international clients and buyers. Our large range of home textile items include bed sheets of all types including flat sheets, fitted sheets, bed linen, printed bed sheets, bed sets, pillow covers, duvet covers, quilt covers, curtains, table cloth, promotional textiles and a lot more. High Quality Home Textile Products in all Sizes, Colours, fabric types, Printing and Designs. Order us Bed Sheets, Duvet Covers, Pillow Covers, Quilt Covers, Fitted Sheets, Plain Sateen, Queen Bed Sheets, King Size Bed Sheets, Curtains, Table Cloth and all what you need with customized design and standardized order delivery.

Cotton Poly Cotton Flat Sheets in Dyed and Printed Fabrics

Flat Sheeets

Our luxurious variety of bed linen sets include a comprehensive range of bed sheets, flat sheets are one of these. You can choose flat sheets in different dimensions, fabric quality, plain & printed versions and GSM or weight. Flat sheets are made and available in 100% cotton fabric, in cotton satin, silk, blended cotton or PC as per your individual business needs. 

We have:  Cotton Flat Sheets   Poly Cotton Flat Sheets ⊕ Single Flat Sheets   Double Flat Sheets   King Size Flat Sheets  Queen Size Flat Sheets  White Flat Sheets   Dyed Flat Sheets  Printed Flat Sheets  Fine Twill Flat Sheets   Soft & Silky Feel Flat Sheets   Customized Flat Sheets    Hotel Bedding Flat Sheets  Promotional Flat Sheets With Brand or Message 

Fitted Sheets

Premium Quality Fitted Sheets are made in cotton, poly cotton, fine twill, satin, Sateen, plain weave, twill, drill, jacquard and printed. You can get the fitted sheets manufactured according to your own specification, sizes, designs and sizes. We have a large range of fitted sheets to match the needs of our customers. We offer:

 Cotton Fitted Sheets   Poly Cotton Fitted Sheets ⊕ Single Fitted Sheets    Double Fitted Sheets   King Size Fitted Sheets  Queen Size Fitted Sheets  White Fitted Sheets   Dyed Fitted Sheets  Printed Fitted Sheets    Fine Twill Fitted Sheets   Soft & Silky Feel Fitted Sheets   Customized Fitted Sheets  Hotel Bedding Fitted Sheets  Promotional Fitted Sheets

Best Quality Fitted Sheets and Bed Linen from Pakistan
Duvets and Duvet Covers

Duvet Covers

Duvet Covers of different types in a variety of fabric, stitching style, printing, colors and styles. Our variety of duvet covers includes but not limited to the following main types of high quality duvet covers: 

 Grey Linen Duvet Covers   Washed Cotton Duvet Covers
 Striped Duvet Covers  Duvet Covers with Contrast Herringbone Band 
 Sateen Duvet Covers   High Thread Count Duvet Covers  ⊕ Check Duvet Covers

Pillow Covers

Pillow Cases or Pillow Covers in all colors, sizes, qualities and a variety of fabrics in plain or print are available. Pillow covers we offer include:

⊕ Grey Linen Pillow Cases   Washed Linen Pillow Covers  Striped Pillow Cases   Checked Pillow Covers  ⊕ Multi Colored Pillowcases   Printed Pillowcases  Striped Pillow Cases  Jacquard Pillow Covers   Outdoor Pillow Cases ⊕ Floral Print Pillow Cases   Sateen Pillow Covers  ⊕ Over locked Pillowcases

Comforter Manufacturers Pakistan


Premium Quality Elegant Comforters to make your bedding stand out from the rest of styles. Best material, durable quality, finest stitching and beautiful design make our comforters your best choice. 

 Plain Fabric White Comforters   Dyed Fabric & Printed Comforters    Yarn Dyed Fabric Comforters  Customized Comforters  Single Bed Comforters   King Size Bed Comforters  ⊕ Queen Size Bed Comforters

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