Food Safety Audit Services

BizShip Food Safety Audits ensure higher brand value for your products by ensuring best quality of content, sophisticated procssing, neat and clean food handeling and quality manufacturing facilties. BizShip offers a complete range of food quality & food safety audits including Food Hygiene Audits ( GHP Audits ) and Food Good Manufacturing Practice Audits ( GMP Audits )

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Food Quality and Food Safety Audits

Food safety audits are conducted under strict professional parameters and international standards defined by ISO and other regularity authorities. BizShip Food Safety Training is available in Pakistan, Iran, Sri Lanka, Thailand, China, Vietnam, Cambodia, India, Bangladesh, The Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Japan and other countries in Asia.

Food Safety Audits

Consumer health safety is the most important factor in the modern food business. Companies, not focusing on food safety and food hygiene cannot survive in the modern business scenario. Consumers are also more knowledgeable and are aware of their well-being and this concern is obvious on all front when we study consumer buying behavior globally. Modern food manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers are very much concerned about food safety and hygiene both at the place of production and point of sales.

BizShip offers sophisticated food safety audits to help our international clients, manufacturers, and retailers to establish a sustainable food business. Our food safety audits include:

  • Food Hygiene or GHP Audits


  • Food Good Manufacturing Practice or GMP Audits

BizShip Food Hygiene Audits or GHP Audits

GHP audits are the basic step required for developing a sustainable food safety program in manufacturing, storage or sales facility. This audit ensures the compliance over food handling, storage, personnel’s hygiene, environmental cleanliness, pest controlling and prevention of physical or chemical dangers to the food or people around. BizShip auditors ensure the quality of the workplace and help the clients in applying the right standards where needed or required.

BizShip Food Good Manufacturing Practice Audits or GMP Audits

GMP is the audit developed specifically for the food manufacturers and processors to help them apply food safety measures at every step. Plants, machinery, and equipment are audited to find any deficient areas causing poor food safety controls or deteriorating food quality. Our GMP audits provide you a complete list of the pros and cons of your supplier’s manufacturing facility. BizShip auditors also advise and help the food processors in improving their food health safety on the production site by applying different measures. GMP covers every aspect of food processing and product making from raw material procurement to the supply of finished product to retail outlets.


Why BizShip Food Supplier Audit?

Our food supplier audit program supports your business and profitability in many ways and:

  • Ensures quality of your suppliers’ products
  • Enhances your brand image and business goodwill
  • Produces more profit in terms of repeated customer
  • Qualifies your brand for different safety standards and certifications
  • Complies your product with existing government rules and quality standards
  • Reduces your sales returns
  • Enhances your customer’s confidence on your product


BizShip Food Safety Audits’ Benefits for you include:

  • Simple pricing, no additional or personal expenses added later
  • No hidden expenses and costs
  • No extra taxes other than mentioned (where applicable) in the agreement
  • Minimum time in Audit Execution
  • Online Support and Reporting on your BizShip account and Email
  • Reduced supply chain cost
  • Improved quality of the finished product
  • Compliance with food regulatory standards
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