Cotton Pouches

Cotton Small Bags,  Muslin Cotton Bags, Fancy Gift Bags, Coin Bags, Jewelery Bags and many more; just name the cotton bag and we have it for you.

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Cotton Pouches

BizShip provides you high quality range of Cotton Pouches, Muslin Pouches with String, Small Bags, Muslin Jewelery Bags, Cotton Gift Bags, Promotional Pouches, Event Pouches in Muslin Cotton, Facny Cotton Pouches in different designs, colours, styles and print options.

Muslin Cotton Small Bags Manufacturers Pakistan

Cotton Pouches

Cotton Pouches are small cotton bags often with a string attached to them. These small bags are used for gits, storing and carrying small items like jewellery, money or small articles and for promotion purpose. These pouches are made in simple and light cotton fabric. The finest cotton pouches are made of Muslin Fabric that is a thin cotton fabric of fine weave. Cotton pouhces are also called small cotton bags with string though button and zipper options are also used to close these small and handy cotton bags. BizShip offers you:

Muslin Drawstring Pouches  Cotton Drawstring Muslin Bags  Cotton Pouches White & Coloured
Small Cotton Gift Bags Handy Cotton Pouches   Creative Cotton Bags ⊕ Pencil Pouch
Fancy Cotton Pouches Printed  Natural Cotton Pouches Coin Bags  ⊕ Makeup Bag
Gift Bags Cotton Jewelery Pouch  Wholesale Muslin Cotton Pouches ⊕ Coin Bags ⊕ Fine Cotton Pouches

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