Promotional Bags

Cotton and Blended Fabric Promotional Bags of Stylish Design, Vibrant Colours and Impressively Printed with Your Promotional Message, Company or Brand Name  

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Premium Quality Promotional Cotton Bags

BizShip’s high quality Promotional Cotton Bags include a variety of cotton bags with a wide range of colours, sizes, styles, straps, stiching, printing options and exclusive designs. We make high impact promotional bags to creat a powerful impression of your business, product and brand.

Basic Promotional Cotton Bags Manufacturers Pakistan

Basic Promotional Bags Cotton

Basic Promotional Cotton Tote Bags are made of plain cotton fabric with different fabric qualities, colours, prints, and strap or strap options. Basic Cotton Tote Bags are used for bulk marketing and promotional campaigns to establish brand value and increase sales. These bags are also used as gifts for shoppers and prospects visiting the POS or Point of Sale. This option is economical and very effective in creating greater impression increasd reach of your promotional message.

Basic Cotton Promotional Bags  Cotton Promotional Tote Bags  Promotional Cotton Grocery Bags
Coloured Promotional Bags Economical Promotional Cotton Bags   Promotional Shopping Bags Cotton
Small Promotional Bags  Large Promotional Bags Promotional Bags for Products
Promotional Gift Bags Cotton Retail Promotional Cotton Bags  Wholesale Promotional Cotton Bags

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Heavy Canvas Promotional Bags

Heavy Canvas Promotional Cotton Bags are a good way to communicate your corporate, product or brand message in an effective way. Heavy promotional cotton bags are made with high-density cotton fabric or canvas weaved in plain, drill or twill forms. These bags are more durable, capable of holding and carrying heavy product or material inside. Due to high-quality fabric, the bag becomes more graceful, eye caching and impressive for the viewers and users. These bags are normally reused for several times. Good to have heavy duty promotional bags if you want to create a long-term business relationship with your customers. You may choose from:

Heavy Canvas Promotional Bags Small with long handle in different colours
Heavy Drawstring Promotional Bags with Different Strings, Colours and Prints
Heavy Duty Cavas Promotional Bags with Short and/or Multiple Handles
Heavy Cotton Customized Promotional Bags
Heavy Cotton Designer’s Promotional Bags

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Heavy Canvas Promotional Bags
Customized Print Cotton Bags Manufacturers Pakistan

Customized Print Promotional Bags

Customized Print Promotional Bags give you a variety of options in printed promotional bags. You can select the method of printing, colours, design and dimensions of printing. Customized printing allows you to select from rotary fabric print, screen print, hand print or digital print on your bags. Currently the popular printing options are:

Rotary or Fabric Printed Cotton Bags 
Single to Many Colours Printed Bags in Screen Printing
Digitally Printed Full Colour Promotional Bags with 100% covered area
Multi-Coloured Screen Prints
Hand Painted Promotional Bags

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Designer's Promotional Bags Cotton

Designer’s Cotton Promotional Bags are BizShip’s exclusive offer for its innovative customers. You can share your design or your idea and BizShip designing team shall make a unique and effective design for your bag. Designer’s bags are original, unique, don’t match with others so are not lost in the crowd and make the maximum positive impact about your company, product, services, brand and corporate image. Designer’s Cotton Bags are customized as:

Designer’s Unique Fabric Blend, Colour Choice and Texture
Exclusive layout and design of the whole bag to create a stronger impact
Auxillaries, Attachments and Looks of the Bag

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Designer's Promotional Bags Cotton Pakistan

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